Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors 

Richard W. Covington (President)
Chris Cralle (Program Chairman)
Page F. Frischkorn
A. Wiatt Garland (Vice President)
Joseph A. Gibbs (Museum Chairman)
W. Leslie Kilduff, Jr. (Resource Development Chairman)
James F. Minor (Treasurer, Investment and Finance Chairman)
Wellington H. Shirley, Jr. (Accessions Chairman)
Emily D. Thomas (Membership chairman, Public Relations Chairman)
Thomas A. Wolf (Editor of The Bulletin, Publications Chairman)


Virginia H. Burgess, Exec. Secretary

Our other staff members volunteer to share their many skills. NCHS could not operate without them.

Marsha Benya, Volunteer
Nancy Bowen, Volunteer
Hilary Derby, Volunteer
Laura Hazel, Volunteer
Gayle Thompson, Historian

Virginia Burgess is the Executive Secretary at NCHS.  She has held that position since 1997 and will gladly assist you at the library or answer your questions by phone or email

exec sec Virginia Burgess NCHS

NCHS Presidents to Date

Dr. J. Motley Booker (1965 — 1979)
Francis F. Palmer (1979 — 1981)
Bayne Palmer O’Brien (1981 – 1983
A. Wiatt Garland (1983 – 2015)
Thomas A. Wolf (2016 — 2023)

NCHS Editors to Date

Dr. J. Motley Booker (1964 – 1967; 1989 – 1990)
Isabel Gough (1968 – 1969)
James F. Lewis (1970; 1974 – 1978)
Ada Kelly Hudnall (1981 – 1989)
W. Preston Haynie (1990 – 2008)
Thomas A. Wolf (2008 – present)

Past Boards of Directors

The first formal election of members of the Board of Directors by the NCHS membership was held at the first annual meeting on July 28, 1965. A total of 66 persons have served on the Board. This number includes those who were initially appointed in 1963 and those who are currently serving.

Hilary - NCHS staff

Hilary Derby working on a genealogy file.

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