Library & Museum

Visitors to the Ball Memorial Library and Museum are often surprised to find historic artifacts throughout the museum, library, and meeting areas. The Library is located in the English basement and is entered by the side door at the south end of the building. The reading room offers a genealogical/historical research area with worktables and computer access. Adjacent to the reading room, the book stacks offer over 1,000 books and records of all ages, types, and origins. Both areas feature relics and collectibles in glass display cases and cabinets as well as maps, photos, paintings, etc. displayed on the walls. 

The Museum on the second floor is reached by the front door on the east side of the building. Visitors pass through the entry hallway and past the Presentation and Board Rooms on each side. The Museum on the second floor is where most of the artifacts are on display. Displays range from Indian and early colonial relics to Civil War collectibles, firearms, tools, antique furniture, spinning wheels, portraits, and artwork.

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