Books for Sale

The following books and journals can be purchased from the Northumberland County Historical Society.


All Volumes of the Bulletin of the Northumberland County Historical Society
(Vol. I pub. 1964 to Vol. LIII pub. 2016)
Cost of each Bulletin is $20.00 plus $2.75 postage.



Index - The Bulletin of the Northumberland County Historical Society 1964 - 1993; 1994 - 2013     
$20.00 each plus $3.50 postage

Wills and Admins

Northumberland County Wills and Administrations  
Compiled & published by James F. Lewis and J. Motley Booker, M.D.
1713 - 1749  pub. 1964    $27.50 plus $5.00 postage
1770 - 1790  pub. 1964    $27.50 plus $5.00 postage
1790 - 1816  pub. 1967    $27.50 plus $5.00 postage


Menominee, Lost Lights! The Sinking of the Unarmed Tug
and Its Barges off the Virginia Coast in World War II

by Susan Anthony-Tolbert and Dorian Tolbert
$10.00 plus $3.00 postage

The Home Front

The Home Front: Northumberland County, Virginia in World War II   
by Susan Anthony-Tolbert, Ph.D. and Dorian A. Tolbert
$15.00 plus $3.00 postage

A Booker Family of Virginia

A Booker Family of Virginia Gloucester and Essex Counties and the Northern Neck With Some of the Descendants and Related Families
by J. Motley Booker, M.D.; pub. 1994        
$45.00 plus $5.00 postage

Ties to Remember

Ties to Remember: A Study of Two Communities ; The Community of Reedville (1874 - 1903); The Community of Roseland (1903 - 2003)  
by Robert N. McKenney; pub. 2003.        
$25.00 plus $4.00 postage

Efford Family

Efford Family of the Northern Neck  
by Joan M. Efford (Mrs. L. Edwin Efford); pub. 1992.    
$35.00 plus $5.00 postage

Chesapeake Bay of Yor

The Chesapeake Bay of Yore by Frederick Tilp; pub. 1982.    
$10.00 plus $3.00 postage

Historic Sites in Virginia's Northern Neck and Essex County

Historic Sites in Virginia's Northern Neck & Essex County
ed. by Thomas A. Wolf; Preservation Virginia, Northern Neck Branch
distributed by The University of Virginia Press pub. 2011.
$40.00 plus $3.50 postage, for hard cover copies; $24.95 plus $3.00 postage, for soft cover copies.

A Quiet Glory

A Quiet Glory: The Life and Times of Dr. James Skelton Gilliam Civil War Surgeon, Beloved Country Doctor of Northumberland and Lancaster Counties, Virginia by Susan Anthony-Tolbert and Dorian A. Tolbert; pub. 2011. $20.00

Lucy Long

Lucy Long, Robert E. Lee’s Other Warhorse: The Mare with Mysteries by Susan Anthony-Tolbert; pub. 2012. $20.00

Civil War Survivor

Civil War Survivor, The Mare with Mysteries Robert E. Lee’s Other Warhorse the Lucy Long Edition for Young Readers by Susan Anthony-Tolbert; pub. 2012. $15.00

Shepherd's Fold

The Shepherd’s Fold; Cemetery Records of Northumberland County Virginia Churches compiled by the Genealogical Society of the Northern Neck of Virginia; pub. 2012. $38.00 plus $5.50 postage

Chasing Conways

Chasing Conways  by Doralyn Short, John Reese, and Shelby Morris; pub. 2012. $50.00 plus $5.00 postage


Rocks of Ages; The Story of 300 Years of Family Burials in Northumberland County, Virginia by Prosser Crowther, Jr.; compiled by Hilary G. Derby, Ph. D.; pub. 2009. $32.00


History of Wicomico Parish; Includes the 1703-1795 Vestry Minutes by John L. Overholt and Arthur C. Johnson. $30.00